We came to the realization that with our skills we could create a synergistic and dynamic partnership empowering other people with our expertise.

What We Are Here To Do

Our Vision:

A World where more people experience success and fulfillment through sincere relationships that empower the community.

Our Mission: 

To provide a highly strategic mentorship to develop and encourage right order people committed to self mastery.

Our Purpose:  

To Increase Attention Discipline – resulting in being more effective and having greater well-being.

There is a long and rich story behind the birth of the SD Life Mastery Coaching Program.  It is a child that was born from many years and thousands of hours of research into the fundamental workings of Human Consciousness.  The skills that we train people in are not taught anywhere else as they are taught in this body of work.  They are revolutionary and highly effective!

The research began about 30 years ago by a man named Rob James. After many years of research, study, contemplation and exploration he created a body of work for Human Potential called the “Self Discovery Techniques”, and the “Self Discovery Life Mastery Process” which is administrated by him, his partner Susan and their Self Discovery Trainer Team.

The foundation of this source-based Coaching and Training is training people to connect back to their true self, their own self-awareness, and from that space develop the skills to create their ideal life and fulfill their limitless potential.  We believe that this body of work is the most direct and effective self-mastery process currently available!

Since 2002 thousands of people have transformed their lives in many amazing and sometimes unbelievable ways!

The SD Life Mastery Coaching Program is for the everyday person who wants to develop the skills to be more present, focused and connected with others, and to build higher quality relationships for their personal and business life.

If, after participating in the SD Life Mastery Coaching Program and attending the Workshop, you are ready and ambitious for a much deeper understanding and complete strategy for total mastery over your self and your life – consider exploring the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process with a Self Discovery Licensed Trainer.

With that being said…. Congratulations… you are about to embark on what some people consider to be the most fulfilling path in life … the Journey of Self Discovery!

Attention is at the very foundation of life…

If we deliberately flow to others clear, non-judgmental attention, they feel appreciated and respected and everything will flow naturally in the conversation!

Clear Attention creates space for others and allows them to express honestly and naturally. Being fully present with others without pre-conceived notions or labels allows them to be who they truly are and to grow and flourish. Trust develops in this space.

This simple but profound “secret” is at the very foundation of what determines the quality of the connection between people!

Judgmental Attention alloyed with thoughts and negative feelings (judgments) limits yourself and others by not allowing space for change.

People intuitively feel when they are being judged (or if you are judging yourself) and this “negative vibe” tends to shut them down or make them defensive…sometimes downright nasty! 

By exploring this firsthand with the SDLM process we begin to realize the great power of letting go of the ego/intellect’s automatic and mostly unconscious pattern of labeling, judging and defining.

To be fully present with your full attention is the only space that appreciation, love and connection can truly happen in. This is being in the “Zone”, It is to be “Zen”. This is the space where emotional sincerity and healing occur…and as you grow more powerful at it – even miracles can happen!

By being deliberate and practicing this with everyone we meet and currently know, the quality of our connections and communications becomes much greater and new opportunities and possibilities to thrive becomes commonplace – In both our personal life and business. This is not another lofty idea to contemplate…. it is a practice that one must apply and develop.

Professional Coaches

We passionately inspire and educate our clients to achieve the skills to effectively connect, communicate and build relationships that are mutually beneficial.

sdlm coaching barry weinberg headshot

Barry has practiced as a chiropractor for over 25 years and is a published author and musician, having published 2 books and 2 albums.  He has always been passionate about empowering people to achieve optimum health. Having experienced the Self Discovery Life Mastery process since 2002, now as a SDLM Coach, he supports people to rapidly accelerate their effectiveness and well-being.

Karrie’s passion is building relationships for long term success. With over 12 years intensive networking experience, retail sales, marketing and presentation skills, she is an expert in her field. Having experienced the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process since 2011, she is now inspired to help others create highly successful personal and business relationships.

Corinne has a background as a nurse, yoga instructor, and meditation/stress management specialist.  For over 25 years she led empowerment programs for women and for families. She is passionate about leaders having effective tools for their own self care and well-being. Having experienced the Self Discovery Life Mastery process since 2009, and now as an SDLM Coach, she supports others to be the highest and best version of themselves.